A photo and a poem

They promised her the starlight
A glittering world of wishes
In which her brain would kiss
The thundering decibels
Of the faraway planets

They promised the lightening
Would crackle across her skin
Hissing and spitting
And sparking her hair alight
Gold and white hot silver
In the darkness

They told her
She would breathe in
The universe
And exhale a thousand galaxies
Burning brightly in the dark
As the luminescence of a nebula
Pulses through her veins

The stars hang
Around her shoulders
But she cannot touch them
Sometimes they whisper to her
That they are dying
And they are heavy
And she staggers beneath the weight
Of the sky

Oxygen is crushed
By the gravity in her chest
That pulls the gorgeous moon
From its orbit
Once so bright
Now so cold in the emptiness of space

She is ravaged by the crators
That hollow out her middle
But she is not to be eaten
She was not made to be devoured
By the desolation of a black hole

She believes her telescope is broken
Because she is looking through
The wrong end
At the stars
That are so far away

She cannot be a supernova
For she is a mere firefly
In the vast void of the universe

But she is made of stardust
And therefore entitled to her glow

star 1.jpg

A promise of starlight


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