Freedom to fly

“I’m an absolute beginner. But I’m absolutely sane” – David Bowie

The feeling of finishing something that has been making you unhappy for a long time is an interesting thing to talk about. It takes a little while to sink in, that you are no longer tethered to that source of unhappiness, but the relief that floods you is immense.
I recently finished my final year at school and it honestly felt like I was able to exhale for the first time in five years. I loved school until I started my current school in year 9, at which point it became a suffocating force around me. Nevertheless I pushed through as best I could and finally, after so many years of struggle- I have been released.

Suddenly I have been hit by the realisation that I am in the real world now and there are so many opportunities ahead of me and my power and creativity is no longer being suppressed. And I’m terrified. But also more hopeful than I’ve been in a long time.

This image, which was taken on the same day as I left school, was born out of thrill, and fear, and resilience and the relief of coming up for air.



“I shall miss thee;
But yet thou shalt have freedom.” -Prospero, The Tempest


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