Creating a series

Series are great because they demonstrate you can sustain an idea for more than one image and are aware of how to link your images together. Unfortunately, series are also something that scares me as an artist and I don’t think I have enough of them as I’d like. I never feel pressured to create a series, but I think it’s important to challenge myself as a photographer and having a series is a really great thing (potentially essential, depending on the gallery) if you are thinking about putting your work forward to a gallery.

In order to create a series, you must sustain a concept through a number of images; the images must also be visually linked, either through colour, character or story*.

Luckily for me, I’d recently created an image that I felt could form the first in my series:


We Three


Handwritten plan for above image

I was inspired by certain cultures’ creation stories, in which the first humans climbed out of a hole in the ground and thought this would make a good opening to my series. Having decided this, I wanted to cyclically end my series with my three wild-haired women returning to the earth in the final shot.

I liked the idea of having these wild characters moving through the series, with the only bold colour being a bright, striking red, symbolising blood and life. I also wanted to include elements of levitation and experiment with the colouring of my images, which led me to plan the following series:

I decided to do this images as self portraits for a number of reasons. Firstly, because I was aware that I’d be shooting December-January time, so I was unwilling to make a model pose for me in the cold, particularly if she’d be required to do it for multiple photos. I also knew I needed someone who would definitely be available for the shoots. I felt that I had the right look for the characters that I was trying to create. So my camera, tripod and makeshift costumes made our way into the woods to the locations I had scouted whilst on a walk.

I was very lucky that I was able to capture some mist in the photos that I took, which added to the atmosphere of the shoot.

My costumes were very rudimentary: the beautiful red dress was in actual fact the combination of a red top and my duvet cover, blended together and recoloured on Photoshop. My earthy witches wore a pair of old denim shorts (recoloured and retextured in Photoshop) and a length of packing material tied around my chest with string.



I may or may not write another post about my editing process for these images or just talking about each image in detail: we shall see.

My complete series can be found here:

Thank you for reading x

*I am speaking purely from a fine art viewpoint here.


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