A little challenge (First blog post)

Today, I want to talk about an image I’ve created recently and take you through my thought process regarding the conception and shooting of this shot.

I’ve noticed a lot recently that a lot of my images looking very similar; the camera angle is always the same, establishing shot of a scene, there is a very clear, overarching colour and they have a strange, semi-processed look. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my images and how they look and I’m always excited by the editing process, however often I feel I’m having to compromise between the image I see in my head and the image that I eventually end up with.

So, this time I decided to challenge myself. I planned an image with a very simple story behind it and grabbed a bedsheet and my camera stuff and headed out into the woods. When I arrived, it was about 1:30pm and the winter sun was softly shining through a patch of cloud, creating a mysterious, magical light. Eager to catch this wintery glow, I set up my camera and rushed to capture the moment before it faded. This took a little time, as sometimes the sun would break free of the cloud, setting the trees alight with a golden glow and I had to wait patiently for it to disappear again. Despite this, the shoot didn’t take too long and I was able to get it edited the very same day.


Photo plan (I plan with stick figures, don’t judge me)

Whilst editing, I found myself tempted to enhance the colour too much or overlay too dark a texture, as I have with a number of my images. However, I resisted this, determined to create a rawer look to the photo.

Even though at the end of the process I felt I had finished the editing, some part of me wanted to keep playing with it, to make the colours bolder and more striking. But kept my promise to myself that I would challenge myself and therefore I did no more to it. And I’m very glad I did; it’s one of my favourite images that I’ve created and I hope to create a lot more with a raw, natural feel to them.


“In the Company of No One”

The important thing to take from this is: if you don’t like something about your image, you only have to identify what it is and then you have the power to change it.


One thought on “A little challenge (First blog post)

  1. Vanessa Venable says:

    you are so right, photography required just as much planning as any other art medium, I loved getting to look at your process here (:


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